About us

BaseCam Electronics was founded for the purpose of developing camera stabilizing solutions based on direct drive brushless motors.

The company's first products are the BaseCam SimpleBGC controller — previously marketed under the name AlexMos SimpleBGC (BGC stands for Brushless Gimbal Controller) and Extension board for building 3-axis stabilizer systems. The controllers are used to build camera stabilizing systems for both handheld and UAV mounted cameras.

Basing Gimbals on our solutions allows a wide range of cameras to be stabilized, from GoPro to Red Epic.

See video demonstrating the controller's capability

Easystab test

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New firmware 2.43b9 for 32bit controllers has been released

Changes in this version:

  • (GUI): New option to enable auto-detection of system startup in upside-down mode
  • (GUI): New interactive dialog to detect sensor orientation
  • (GUI): New interactive dialog to calibrate sensors
  • There is now a second UART port to process Serial API commands: Rx goes to RC_ROLL, Tx goes to RC_YAW. It can be enabled in the RC tab — "RC_ROLL pin mode"
  • Spektrum satellite new binding and data format options (used in the ”Bind RC» command and to decode spektrum protocol)
  • Bug fixed: in the Follow mode when the camera is pitched down about 90 degrees, its not controlled by YAW
  • Bug fixed: calibration of accelerometer in the simple mode did not reset extended mode calibration, making a result of simple calibration not correct.
  • Bug fixed: «Estimate angle from motors» doesnt work in 2.43b6
  • Minor bug fixed with firmware update dialog.
  • Recovery firmware works now with USB connection on v.3.1 «Tiny» boards.
Details and required files can be found here.

Next version of Mobile GUI for Android now supports 32-bit controllers

More details about the app can be found here

Take a look as well at the following third-party applications:

Third-Party Desktop Apps

  • RMotion. Application for remote scripting control of the gimbal. Platform: Windows

Third-Party Mobile Apps

  • Sbgc (Alexmos) Configurator. A very simple configurator for Basecam (Alexmos) brushless gimbal controller using a Bluetooth serial dongle. Platform: Android
  • Rebotnix Gimbal Control. The Rebotnix Gimbal Control allows you to remotely control a BaseCam SimpleBGC controller with an iPhone or iPad in conjunction with Rebotnix Apple and the Bluetooth certified Bluetooth hardware module. Platform: iOS


DIY motion controller for gimbal

This DIY tutorial helps you build a Bluetooth motion controller for any SimpleBGC-based gimbals! This means you can simply move the controller, and the gimbal will match its orientation. This is the second project from Mark. We thank him for the work done.

Source code and details can be found here.

How to build a gamepad to control SimpleBGC controllers that have Bluetooth 2.0

An easy and cheap way to build remote control for your SimpleBGC controller (Thank you to Mark for that).

Source code and details can be found here.

BaseCam filter tuning

This is a short tutorial showing how to use BaseCam filters to provide better gimbal performance.

Problem with the spektrum port

Some versions of the controllers can have a problem with the spektrum port: the satellite receiver does not get enough power from the 3.3V internal voltage regulator, resulting in unstable operation (symptoms: signal interrupts, LED blinks randomly, on binding attempt system goes to reset).

Find out how to solve the issue.

Using adjustable variables with firmware 2.43

Using new features of the firmware you can design your own remote control for SimpleBGC.

Serial Protocol Specification (v.2.4)
Serial API Examples (v.2.4)

How to make reliable FPV-follow for YAW axis with the SimpleBGC-based gimbal

For 8bit and 32bit versions of the SimpleBGC-based gimbals.

How to recover firmware on your 32-bit board

Suppose that you somehow damaged the firmware on your board and need to recover it. The following steps will help you to do that.

  1. You need GUI version 2.41b5 or higher. Find it on the download page.
  2. You also need a recovery firmware. You can find one here.
  3. Close FLASH pins on the board using a jumper shunt.
  4. Connect the board to your PC via USB. Note that the Red light has to light up on the board.
  5. Start GUI and do the following steps:
    • Select appropriate COM port. Do not press button "Connect".
    • Open TAB "Upgrade" -> "Manual".
    • Specify location of Firmware HEX file.
    • Select Board version -> v3 32bit.
    • Press button "Flash".
    • Wait until uploading to be finished.
  6. Unplug USB and remove jumper.
  7. Do automatic upgrade as described in the User Manual.

Rebotnix Gimbal Control for iOS

The rebotnix Gimbal Control allows you to remotely control a BaseCam SimpleBGC controller with an iPhone or iPad in conjunction with the rebotnix Apple and Bluetooth certified Bluetooth hardware module.

Rebotnix Gimbal Control is available in App Store.

RMotion - Is the application for remote scripting control of the BaseCam controllers

Let us introduce a very useful application - RMotion. The application allows scripting control of BaseCam controllers. Look at the video below to see it in action.

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