There are 2 types of BaseCam controllers based on different MCUs: there are 8-bit and 32-bit versions. Software for 8-bit versions is not compatible with 32-bit versions and vice-versa.

You need to know the type of controller. Since some boards that are made under license are laid out a bit differently, there is no good way to determine the type of the controller by its appearance. Due to this we recommend you keep track of the specification when purchased and contact your seller if any clarification becomes necessary.


Android app on Google Play SimpleBGC Mobile
Official app for controlling and setting a BaseCam SimpleBGC controller (both 8-bit and 32-bit types).

You can develop applications using our open Serial API. Find manuals here and here.
The following are applications which were developed with the API.

Third-Party Desktop Apps

  • RMotion. Application for remote scripting control of the gimbal. Platform: Windows

Third-Party Mobile Apps

  • Sbgc (Alexmos) Configurator. A very simple configurator for Basecam (Alexmos) brushless gimbal controller using a Bluetooth serial dongle. Platform: Android
  • Rebotnix Gimbal Control. The Rebotnix Gimbal Control allows remote control of a BaseCam SimpleBGC controller with and iPhone or iPad in conjunction with Rebotnix Apple and Bluetooth certified Bluetooth hardware module. Platform: iOS