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Additional documentation and specifications

Connection Diagramm for boards ver. 3.0 (97Kb 16.05.2014)

Serial API

Serial Protocol Specification (ver. 2.4x) (258Kb 12.01.2015) Serial Protocol Specification (ver. 2.5x) (295Kb 9.07.2016) Scripting Language Reference (117Kb 20.06.2016)

Examples and libraries (v.2.5x)

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FPV Follow Potentiometer (58Kb 27.10.2014)

How to build a gamepad to control SimpleBGC controllers

Downloads for 32-bit boards

Firmware upgrade

You can check new versions and upgrade firmware from the SimpleBGC GUI application. Download latest GUI, connect board and upgrade firmware at the Upgrade tab. See user manual for more info.

If you want to participate in testing of new firmwares, get the latest test snapshot.

Detailed changelog file (18Kb 15.07.2016)

2.56b7 — latest stable version

GUI Windows, OS X, Linux (8Mb 20.01.2016)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_5x_eng.pdf (1Mb 29.06.2016)

New hardware:

  • Support of ICM20608 gyroscope+accelerometer sensor.
  • New option "I2C high-speed". Use it carefully: high-speed mode may cause I2C errors.
  • Support for saving and restoring of calibration data to the IMU's EEPROM (if present).
  • Support of analog encoder (rotary position sensor) on YAW axis in the regular firmware.
  • New option "Advanced" "Order of hardware axes" that supports several configurations besides the standard "Camera PITCH - ROLL - YAW" configuration.
  • Support of magnetometer sensor (compass) to prevent drift of gyroscope. Can be combined with the frame IMU or the main IMU.

Control algorithms:

  • New setting: "RC" "Order of Euler angles" that allows extending the possible trajectories of a camera and the range of working angles.
  • Improved the precision of RC control in the "Follow" mode
  • New option "Follow" "Apply an offset correction when an axis is not following."
  • New option "Follow" "Follow rate inside dead-band" to apply very soft control to keep camera always in the center of the dead-band.

Sensors calibration:

  • Regular calibration of Accelerometer and gyroscope does not discard the results of temperature calibration but improves it.
  • ACC calibration at "normal" Z-top position does not discard the results of 6-point calibration.
  • Magnetometer (compass) calibration was significantly improved:
    • you do not need a GUI connection (allows to calibrate in the field by menu button);
    • an ellipsoid approximation is used;
  • New option to skip gyro calibration if gimbal is not fixed well during startup: it allows to start with fresh calibration for best quality, or to start immediately with the previous calibration.

IMU improvements:

  • Advanced algorithms for correction of mutual drift in both IMUs.
  • "2nd IMU above YAW" position is more reliable now.
  • New option "ACC low-pass filter" that helps to improve the stability of the IMU angles. Under dynamic conditions like motion with short lateral accelerations.

Other functionality:

  • New adjustable variables GYRO_HEADING_CORRECTION and FRAME_HEADING_ANGLE that helps to manually correct YAW axis drift.
  • New option "Advanced" "Set to the normal position on profile switch".
  • Better handling of high-speed control from scripts.
  • Improved the range of working angles in 1- and 2-axes systems, making use of 2nd IMU or encoders; all possible 2-axes configurations are supported now.
  • New menu command: "Untwist cables".
  • New checkbox "Advanced" "Upside-down PITCH auto-rotation" to turn camera when turning frame upside-down.
  • New option "Follow" "Use frame IMU, if possible" to use 2nd IMU for the "Follow Mode" control, to make it more reliable.
  • New menu command: "Center YAW axis" to move a camera to the neutral position by YAW.
  • New menu command: "Level Roll, Pitch to the horizon".
  • New option "Service" "Blink profile number" - onboard LED will show currently selected profile.
  • Proper handling of "gimbal lock" condition - when YAW and PITCH motor axes are parallel.
  • (GUI) New "Emergency stop" option (stop motors in case of the big rate of I2C errors).
  • (GUI) Serial-over-UDP connection is supported to configure remote devices via a network (WiFi, Ethernet, Internet).
  • Menu button pressed 12 times in series will reset "Serial speed" setting to default value 115200.
  • OuterP, OuterI gain increased 5x times.

Encoder-enabled firmware:

  • Option to emergency stop if the motor angles reported by the encoder differs a lot from the angle reported by the 2nd IMU.
  • Encoder-to-motor gearing ratio can be adjusted.
  • In the case of geared setup, the uncertainty of the motor or the frame angle detection at startup can be removed with the help of 2nd IMU.
  • Option to enable Briefcase position auto-detection on-the-fly when in "Follow" mode: just hold the camera by hand and turn frame ±90 degrees.
  • More reliable soft limits; option to enable/disable them for each motor independently.
  • Back-EMF compensation is applied at full battery voltage amplitude. It allows getting the maximum speed from the motor (that is limited by the Kv parameter of a motor) even with the low "POWER" setting.

Serial API

  • CMD_CONTROL command with the extended format allows specifying different control modes for each axis.
  • CMD_AHRS_HELPER command allows accessing internal IMU attitude in DCM form, to use it in the external system or to replace or correct it by the information acquired from the high-grade external IMU.


GUI Windows, OS X, Linux (8Mb 14.04.2015)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_50_eng.pdf (1Mb 6.05.2015)

Release notes


GUI Windows, OS X, Linux (6Mb 14.04.2015)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_43_eng.pdf (813Kb 8.12.2014)
User Manual French (by Nono15)
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_43_fra.pdf (1Mb 26.11.2014)

Release notes


GUI Windows, OS X, Linux (6Mb 14.04.2015)

Release notes


GUI Windows, OS X, Linux (5Mb 14.04.2015)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_42_eng.pdf (768Kb 5.09.2014)

Release notes


GUI Windows, OS X, Linux (5Mb 14.04.2015)

Release notes


GUI Windows, OS X, Linux (5Mb 14.04.2015)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_41_eng.pdf (620Kb 26.06.2014)

Release notes


GUI Windows, OS X, Linux (5Mb 24.03.2014)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_4_eng.pdf (609Kb 16.05.2014)

Release notes

/!\ Beta Releases

Currently there is no beta version to test.