Versions Comparison Chart

Tiny (Rev.A,B)
Tiny+ (Rev.C,D)
Tiny+ (Rev.D with «Extended» firmware) Extended,
Extended Long, OEM
Functions common for all boards:
Serial API for gimbal control and monitoring
I2C magnetometer
Encoders (rotaty position sensors) support
I2C_Drv — external motor driver via I2C bus
MavLink v1.0 autopilot used for gimbal control and IMU corrections
Basecam GPS IMU via UART as a secondary (external) IMU for corrections
Functions which differ:
High-end encoders
Zettlex IncOder, RLS Aksim2, Netzer VLx, iC-Haus iC-MU
via CAN_Driver
CAN-bus interface to the modules
Serial-over-CAN to transmit Serial API messages or arbitrary serial data between UART ports in modules
Dedicated SPI and PWM ports for encoders connection shared with other I/O pins shared with other I/O pins shared with other I/O pins
High-grade IMU — as a secondary (external) IMU for corrections
(Vectornav VN100/VN200/VN300, Inertialsense uAHRS, STIM210)
External IMU — gyroscope biases online calibrations
Basecam GPS IMU via CAN bus as a main IMU;
Basecam GPS IMU Split (Satellite & Sensor) as main IMU
MavLink V2.0 with extra messages
Advanced calibrations of gyroscope and accelerometer
Automatic multipoint accelerometer calibration
Collect summary usage statistics in EEPROM; Log realtime data to SD card in GPS IMU module
Motor cogging effect calibration
Encoder non-linearity and IMU-to-motor alignment calibrations
Support of 4th axis to align frame to optimal position
Electronic main power switch, power control and protection
Advanced functions in scripts (loops, variables)
Gimbal control in motor coordinates («servo mode»)
«Retracted position» — send and hold gimbal in a pre-defined position

Encoder-enabled vs regular version of firmware

Regular Encoder-enabled
Encoders installation YAW axis (optional) on each motor
Encoder interfaces: I2C, PWM, Analog
Encoder interfaces: SPI
Motor control algorithm synchronous field-oriented
Energy-efficient motor control
Operation in «Follow» mode not reliable: may loose synchronization; not precise never loose synchronization; precise
Unlimited range of working positions (upside-down, rolled to 90, brief-case mode)
Does not requires 2nd IMU on the frame for normal operation
Support of tilted middle or outer motor
Use external high-grade IMU located on the frame for a correction of the main IMU
Set the software-limited range of rotation for each motor
Camera goes to home position at startup and can detect hardware limits (required for working range >360°) Center YAW axis only
(need YAW encoder)
Center all axes + search harware limits

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