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Additional documentation and specifications

Connection Diagramm for boards ver. 3.0 (97Kb 16.05.2014)

Serial API

Serial Protocol Specification (ver. 2.4x) (258Kb 12.01.2015) Serial Protocol Specification (ver. 2.5x) (295Kb 9.07.2016) Serial Protocol Specification (ver. 2.6x) (362Kb 4.05.2017) Scripting Language Reference (134Kb 1.11.2016)

Examples and libraries (v.2.5x)

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FPV Follow Potentiometer (58Kb 27.10.2014)

How to build a gamepad to control SimpleBGC controllers

Downloads for 32-bit boards

Firmware upgrade

You can check new versions and upgrade firmware from the SimpleBGC GUI application. Download latest GUI, connect board and upgrade firmware at the Upgrade tab. See user manual for more info.

If you want to participate in testing of new firmwares, get the latest test snapshot.

Detailed changelog file (18Kb 7.09.2016)

2.60b4 — latest stable version

GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_60b4.zip (8Mb 7.09.2016)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_6x_eng.pdf (1Mb 19.04.2017)
User Manual French by marcg
SimpleBGC_32bit_manuel_2_6x_FR.pdf (2Mb 14.02.2017)
User Manual Chinese by Zhang Yi
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_6x_chn.pdf (2Mb 20.03.2017)

Release notes

New features

  • New enhanced PID auto-tuning algorithm:
    • Fast and reliable;
    • Finds most optimal PID gains to minimize error of stabilization and prevent self-excitation;
    • Flexible: can tune PID from zero or slightly adjust gains starting from the current values;
    • Able to tune other parameters, like low-pass filters;
    • Has safety interrupts to prevent damage in case of wrong system operation;
    • No GUI connection is required - can be run by the menu button command;
    • Allows to update PID settings in all profiles;
  • New settings "Filters" - "D-term LPF filters" that can help to remove high-frequency oscillations in some setups and allows to set greater PID gains
  • Notch filters are extended: can be used as peak filter; gain is set in dB instead of %
  • Acceleration limiter setting is split per-axis
  • New types of encoders are supported for YAW axis in the regular firmware: PWM and I2C.
  • New option "PID Gain multiplier" to extend the range of  PID settings or link PID gain to adjustable variables, to tune it on-line by the analog potentiometer or RC.
  • Serial API was extended by many new commands
  • Option to disable of using gyro signal from the frame IMU for stabilization, but keep it for a frame angle detection; option to pass it through  low-pass filter with adjustable cut-off frequency. Both options  are useful in the case of high level of vibrations on the frame.
  • Add a support of MavLink protocol for Ardupilot FC connection (beta state), that allows to increase a precision of stabilization and control over gimbal in automated missions.
  • Option to backup/restore IMU calibrations to a file
  • (Encoder version) Motor over-heating protection is improved: more precise model, virtual temperature is shown in the GUI to simplify tuning process; new safety action: alarm and cut-off motors
  • (Encoder version) "Encoder field offset" parameter is calibrated automatically, no frame movement is required.
  • Parameter "Magnetic linkage of a motor" will improve precision of stabilization; new auto-calibration function for this parameter
  • Angle of motors can be used as a source in the "Adjustable Variables" to set a dependency of the system parameters on the camera-to-frame relative position, set by the inner (counting from the camera) and the middle motor's angles
  • Option to enable 3rd serial port: UART2 (Rx: AUX3, Tx: n/c); option to swap pins with the RC_SERIAL port (Rx: RC_ROLL, Tx: RC_YAW). In the encoder-enabled version, ports are swapped by default.
  • New menu commands to switch to selfie mode by rotating camera 180 degrees from current position or 0/180 relative to home position, by the YAW axis.
  • Several new commands in scripting language; option to use dynamic variables linked to the RC signal sources
  • Option to automatically switch to upside-down mode (both frame and camera) and auto-rotate camera when frame is rotated +-180 degrees over PITCH axis.


  • Fixed problems with USB connection in "Tiny" boards
  • RC control is slightly improved: smoother "Angle" mode, no overshoot after fast breaks
  • Script parser: properly handles speed below 0.07 degree/sec for very slow time-lapses
  • Fixed problems with the firmware upgrade under modern macOS versions
  • Many minor improvements of the system performance in various conditions


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_50b3.zip (8Mb 14.04.2015)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_50_eng.pdf (1Mb 6.05.2015)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_56b7.zip (8Mb 20.01.2016)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_5x_eng.pdf (1Mb 29.06.2016)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_43b6.zip (6Mb 14.04.2015)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_43b9.zip (6Mb 14.04.2015)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_43_eng.pdf (813Kb 8.12.2014)
User Manual French (by Nono15)
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_43_fra.pdf (1Mb 26.11.2014)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_42b7.zip (5Mb 14.04.2015)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_42_eng.pdf (768Kb 5.09.2014)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_42b6.zip (5Mb 14.04.2015)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_41b5.zip (5Mb 14.04.2015)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_41_eng.pdf (620Kb 26.06.2014)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_40b8.zip (5Mb 24.03.2014)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_4_eng.pdf (609Kb 16.05.2014)

Release notes

/!\ Beta Releases

Currently there is no beta version to test.