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Additional documentation and specifications

Connection Diagramm for boards ver. 3.0 (97Kb 16.05.2014) Scripting Language Reference (233Kb 29.03.2018) Using encoders with SBGC32 controller (549Kb 21.01.2019)

Serial API

Serial Protocol Specification (ver. 2.6x) (2Mb 26.04.2019)

Examples and libraries

Read more


FPV Follow Potentiometer (58Kb 27.10.2014)

How to build a gamepad to control SimpleBGC controllers

Downloads for 32-bit boards

Firmware upgrade

You can check new versions and upgrade firmware from the SimpleBGC GUI application. Download latest GUI, connect board and upgrade firmware at the Upgrade tab. See user manual for more info.

/!\ macOS users: if you experience problems connecting to the board, see description below

Detailed changelog file (24Kb 1.06.2017)

To test the latest beta-version of firmware, download the GUI 2.69 b0 and upgrade firmware enabling the "Check for beta versions" flag.

2.63b0 — latest stable version

GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_63b0.zip (8Mb 1.06.2017)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_6x_eng.pdf (3Mb 4.04.2019)
User Manual French by marcg (for previous version)
SimpleBGC_32bit_manuel_2_6x_FR.pdf (2Mb 14.02.2017)
User Manual Chinese by Zhang Yi (for previous version)
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_6x_chn.pdf (2Mb 20.03.2017)

Release notes

Hardware support

  • Motors with encoders having a freedom of rotation more than 360º are supported: system will automatically search the nearest limit and return to home position.
  • New option «Hardware» — «IMU Sensor» — «Misalignment correction»: allows correcting misalignment of the IMU sensor's internal axes relative to the camera's optical axis and motor's axes. Calibration is supported.
  • New CAN_IMU sensor is supported via CAN or I2C interfaces.
  • New encoder type is supported: RLS «Orbis» with the PWM 459Hz and SPI interfaces.
  • Different type of encoders can be mixed in one system: PWM and SPI, PWM with different frequencies, SPI of a different type, etc.
  • New parameter «Hardware» — «Outer motor tilt angle» that provides a support of non-orthogonal motor configurations.
  • Encoder calibration is improved: allows to set the range of rotational angle and can be done in abnormal positions.

Start-up sequence, working positions

  • New option to move all motors to a home position at startup (encoder firmware only).
  • New menu command to switch into portrait mode (ROLL=90) and back. System keeps this mode on profile switching.
  • 1-, 2-axis system: option to switch to different stabilization axes automatically at startup or by changing profiles.
  • New flag «Hardware» — «Don't power ON motor at system start».

New parameters and functions

  • New group of parameters «Advanced» — «Automated motion tasks» to set the speed and acceleration for automatically executed movements like «Look down», «Home position», etc.
  • Implemented a calibration of motor non-linearities to improve stabilization quality by compensating the cogging effect (supported by the «Extended» and «Pro» boards only)
  • New type of Adjustable Variables: 'relative'. It acts as a multiplier for applying to a user-editable parameter.
  • New type of Adjustable Variables: look-up table. Allows a better control when setting dependency between signal and variable.
  • New parameter «Follow mode» — «Follow range» allows setting the angle that defines the active range from zero to full speed in the follow mode.
  • New option «Follow» — «Disable follow mode by holding menu button»: use it to disable follow mode temporarily by pressing and holding menu button without the need of switching profiles.
  • New menu commands «Setup and start time-lapse motion», «Repeat time-lapse». Use it to program time-lapse motion sequence in few seconds without the need of GUI connection. Excellent tutorial from Tomasz Walczak.
  • Scripting language: new command «SET_ADJ_VAR» with example of using it for drift-free time-lapse shooting

GUI improvements

  • Parameters was re-arranged and better grouped by their meaning
  • New menu «View» — «View level» to choose the level of complexity from «Basic» to «Developer». Developers can further adjust it in the configuration file «conf/view_level.properties».
  • New backup manager that allows to save a snapshot containing all settings and calibrations to the cloud; One password-protected 'factory' and up to 3 'user' backups are supported.
  • New option to save settings into .profile files based on templates. Can be used to selectively update parameters when copying the configuration from one system to others.


  • Serial port communication might impact stabilization in case of poor wireless connection.
  • MavLink gimbal control was reversed for the YAW axis
  • «Tiny rev.A» can not connect to the GUI via USB port
  • GUI does not work after upgrading CP210x drivers to version 6.7.4 (done automatically by Windows 10)


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_60b4.zip (8Mb 7.09.2016)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_6x_eng.pdf (3Mb 4.04.2019)
User Manual French by marcg
SimpleBGC_32bit_manuel_2_6x_FR.pdf (2Mb 14.02.2017)
User Manual Chinese by Zhang Yi
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_6x_chn.pdf (2Mb 20.03.2017)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_50b3.zip (8Mb 14.04.2015)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_50_eng.pdf (1Mb 6.05.2015)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_56b7.zip (8Mb 20.01.2016)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_5x_eng.pdf (1Mb 29.06.2016)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_43b6.zip (6Mb 20.01.2017)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_43b9.zip (6Mb 14.04.2015)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_43_eng.pdf (813Kb 8.12.2014)
User Manual French (by Nono15)
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_43_fra.pdf (1Mb 26.11.2014)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_42b7.zip (5Mb 14.04.2015)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_42_eng.pdf (768Kb 5.09.2014)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_42b6.zip (5Mb 14.04.2015)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_41b5.zip (5Mb 14.04.2015)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_41_eng.pdf (620Kb 26.06.2014)

Release notes


GUI Windows, macOS, Linux
SimpleBGC_GUI_2_40b8.zip (5Mb 24.03.2014)
User Manual English
SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_4_eng.pdf (609Kb 16.05.2014)

Release notes

/!\ macOS Users Notice

Always check that you have installed the latest version of the driver for a virtual COM port. You can download it by this link.

There is a known problem with the MAC OS 10.13 "High Sierra" - it does not load driver automatically on demand. If you cannot find a COM port where board is connected, in the "Connection" list in the GUI, try to load the driver manually using the Terminal (go to Applications > Utilities > Terminal in Finder):

sudo kextload -b com.silabs.driver.CP210xVCPDriver

Then restart GUI and check the Connection list again.

This problem will be solved later by new drivers.

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