There are many imitations of the BaseCam SimpleBGC controller in the marketplace today, especially in Chinese stores so please use caution when purchasing. To ensure that you obtain an authentic product employ a licensed vendor from the complete list below. BaseCam licensing is available to manufacturers at an attractive rate. Other than the possibility of complete fraud (which isn't uncommon on auction platforms) the only reason to attempt to make a working one is to use lower quality parts - which would invalidate BaseCam licensing as we require parts as well as design specifications be met. Please review the list of licensed vendors below. 

If you have trouble with your product, please contact your vendor. Any warranties, whether express or implied are solely the responsibility of the seller. Licensed stores support their own customers and maintain customer satisfaction according to our agreement.

SimpleBGC is not an "Open Source" project. If you want to be a reseller or use SimpleBGC in your devices or solutions we want to hear from you.
Please contact us at info@basecamelectronics.com.


Our partners produce the controllers by themselves using our license.

Dong Yang Servo Power Model Co.,Ltd, www.dys.hk Hong Kong
Gimbals, controllers, motors and parts.
Flyduino, www.flyduino.net Germany
Gimbals, controllers and motors. Partner with Viacopter and E-copter. Electronics and mechanics design and manufacturing.  More
HD Air Studio, HDAirStudio.com Poland
Gimbals and accessories.
Team Rebel Design, www.teamrebeldesign.com United States
Beholder Gopro Brushless Gimbal with SimpleBGC controller.
Turbo Ace, www.turboace.com United States
AllSteady Handheld & Multirotor Gimbals
Viacopter, www.viacopter.eu Denmark
Gimbals, controllers and motors. Partner with Flyduino and E-copter on electronics and motor production and development.  More
Easy Stab, easystab.eu Poland
Handheld gimbals
Letus, Letus.net United States
Handheld gimbals and accessories.
Quadrotube, quadrotube.com Russia
Quadro Tube Bluetooth module to control SimpleBGC.
Net Media, www.netmedia.or.kr Korea South
Handheld gimbal CAMTOOL Alpha-1
Smart & Steady, smartsteady.com China
Handheld gimbals
Pilotfly, pilotfly.de Germany
Handheld gimbals and accessories.
Sturdy Shots, www.sturdyshots.com Italy
3Axis gimbal brushless for DSLR and camcorders up to 1.5Kg
HexaDrone, hexadrone.fr France
Controllers and gimbals.
SmartFPV, www.smartfpv.com Latvia
Controllers and accessories.
iFlight Model, www.iflight-rc.com China
Manufacturer of the motors, the controllers and gimbals.
SHOOTRIG, shootrig.com Italy
Gimbals and accessories. Sliders SmartSystem SRL.
Kinematik, www.kinematik.pro Russia
Gimbals and controllers.
Icecam Gimbal Brushless, icecam-gimbal.it Italy
IceCam Gimbals
XIJOYTECH, www.xijoytech.com China
Handheld gimbal, Smartphone gimbal.
Guangyu Electromechanical System, www.gyems.cn China
The producer of gimbals and parts.
CAME-TV, www.came-tv.com China
Producer of the diverse gimbals and accessories.
LeViteZer, www.levitezer.com Finland
360 video and boom installed gimbals, camera and gimbal remote controllers, system integration, custom builds and consultancy.
Gmotion, www.gmotion.pl Poland
G-Motion Gimbals.
Shenzhen JHL co.,ltd, www.szjinhualong.com China
Gimbals with the zoom camera.
Aeroview Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd, China
Manufacturer of the Brushless Gimbals, controllers, photographic equipment.


Aerialpixels, www.aerialpixels.com United States
Gimbals, controllers and parts.
AUHobby, www.auhobby.com Australia
Gimbals, parts, accessories.
Copterdeluxe, www.copterdeluxe.com Germany
Gimbals, controllers, motors and parts.
ReadyMadeRC, www.readymaderc.com United States
Gimbals, controllers and parts.
Professional-Multirotors.com | Web Store, www.professional-multirotors.com Estonia
Steady gimbals, gimbal controllers and parts.
GotHeliRC, www.gothelirc.com United States
Gimbals, controllers and motors.
Kopterworx, www.kopterworx.com Slovenia
Brushless gimbals, controllers and parts.
Mongrel Gear, www.mongrelgear.com.au Australia
Gimbals, controllers, motors and parts.
R/C Rotors and Aerial Media llc., www.rcrotorsandaerialmedia.com United States
Controllers and motors.
Flash RC, www.flashrc.com France
Controllers, motors and gimbals. Exclusive France Distributor for E-Copter.
Spaulding International Cinema, sicvisuals.com United States
Ghost handheld gimbals.
LaDroneShop, www.ladroneshop.com France
Gimbals, controllers, motors, parts.
BrushlessGimbal.ca, brushlessgimbal.ca Canada
Additional site - Offthegridwater.ca
Gimbals, controllers and parts.
UCamFly, www.ucamfly.com United States
UCamFly handheld stabiliser and 32-bit controllers.
Videokameraman.cz, eshop.videokameraman.cz Czech Republic
Handheld gimbals and controllers
CineRIG, cinerig.net United States
Gimbals, Controllers, Motors and Parts.
BeStableCam, www.bestablecam.com China
Gimbals and Accessories.

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