Serial API

Serial API allows an external application or device to communicate with the SimpleBGC controller via UART port. Each controller has several UART ports that can be used to send and receive Serial API commands. Commands may be used to request the actual system state and realtime data, change settings, control gimbal, trigger pin state, execute various actions, get access to internal EEPROM and I2C bus, and so forth. Besecam SimpleBGC32 GUI software uses the same Serial API to communicate with the board, which means that all of its functions may be implemented in third-party applications.


SBGC32 Serial API Protocol Specification (2Mb 6.01.2024) - most actual version

Libraries and examples

A complete C Library with examples for Arduino (AVR MCUs), STM32 or Linux OS systems: GitHub
Outdated and simplified version is available here

Examples of selected commands in a spreadsheet: OpenOffice Calc (.ods) (22Kb 6.08.2019) MS Excel (.xls) (23Kb 6.08.2019) PDF (91Kb 6.08.2019)

8bit and older versions

Serial Protocol Specification (ver. 2.4x) (258Kb 12.01.2015)

Serial Protocol Specification (ver. 2.5x) (296Kb 9.08.2016)


How to build a gamepad to control SimpleBGC controllers

How to build motion controller for gimbal

How to Make an LCD-enabled Arduino Based Remote Controller for Gimbals with the SimpleBGC 32-bit Controller PDF

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