BaseCam SimpleBGC controller configuration guide

Before you start to tune the controller read carefully the appropriate manual.

What P, I, D are

P — is a basic factor of stabilization, sets gain of the signal from the gyro in the feedback system.
D — is a stabilization factor of P. When value of D is not enough the system may go into a state of self-excitation.
I — is a gain factor of the absolute error of stabilization (the difference between the target and current angles) in the feedback system.

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Capabilities of the Mobile GUI

The below video from our partner from Italy demonstrates capabilities of the Mobile GUI:

Video report from Muscle Car City Museum, Punta Gorda.

We were so impressed with both these videos and the cars in them, that we just had to share them with you. Video footage was filmed by Dave Beaty using a DIY Gimbal based on a SimpleBGC controller.

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