BaseCam filter tuning


A spectrum analyser is a useful tool for this task. AudioXplorer is a good and free spectrum analyser for Mac, but you could use any Spectrum analyser that provides good enough resolution on the low frequencies.
This is how to setup the AudioXplorer. No special tools are needed, the computers own microphone is used.

The starting situation for this tutorial is that basic setup and PID tuning has been done, but there is still some vibrations and the filters are used to eliminate them.
After this it could be good to redo the PID tuning and if needed also retune the filters.

Ps. it is suggested to use headphones for these videos to observe the gimbal sounds.
Remark: changing the lens or camera will change the vibration frequencies so the filtering should be tuned for each setup. Wrong filtering can make vibrations worse. Also after changing Power or PID settings filtering should be verified.
Update: These are the final results before making some test videos and maybe still some tuning.

The Camera is GH4 with speed booster and Canon 24-105 F4 lens. Motors are GB85 on Pitch and GB90 on Roll and Yaw.
Note: the microphone is mounted on purpose to the gimbal frame to pick up all the gimbal noises.

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