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CAN version of IMU replaces I2C IMU for SimpleBGC 32-bit Extended, Pro and CAN_MCU controllers.


  • CAN bus provides more reliable and error free connection compared to the I2C, not limited in length. CAN bus is supported in "Extended" and "Pro" versions of SBGC32 controller.
  • I2C port compatible with the regular SBGC32 IMU cable and all SBGC32 controllers.
  • EEPROM to store calibration data.
  • New 6-axis sensor ICM20608 from InveSense has better performance compared to the old MPU-6050.
  • Additional I2C and UART interfaces for the external device connectivity (to be used in future versions of firmware).
  • Compact size. Mounting holes are compatible with the old SBGC32 IMU. Optional box.

For proper functionality of CAN IMU, you need the firmware version 2.61b2 or above.


Size of the board 25×25 mm
Weight 2.73 g
Distance between the mounting holes 14.2 mm
Diameter of the mounting holes 3 mm
Electrical characteristics
Power supply voltage range 4.5 - 5.5V
Current consumption 50 mA max (without external load)
3.3V output current capabilities 100 mA max.


  • Here you can
    specify the type
    of external device

    Reserved for future use.
  • Here you can set the type of IMU sensor:
    main by default or frame if soldered.
  • CAN-bus terminator.
    Solder this contact
    pads if IMU is
    the last connected
    device on a bus.
    Do not solder it for
    "star" connection.
  • EEPROM write
    protection contact
    pads. Solder them
    to protect
    calibration data.
  • Here you can connect external device or sensor.
    Reserved for future use.


CAN IMU CAD drawings (1Mb 21.07.2020)


CAN IMU Firmware v.1.46 (54Kb 31.01.2024)

  • Bugfixes and improved stability

CAN IMU Firmware v.1.45 (54Kb 16.01.2024)

  • Thermo-stabilized CAN_IMU support (its configuration is available in 2.72b0 main firmware)
  • Better processing of high-resolution gyroscope data in external sensors to improve angle stability

CAN IMU Firmware v.1.38 (50Kb 31.05.2023)

  • Bugfix in handling of an external sensor Murata SCHA63X
  • Add support of an external sensor Epson G354/G364/V340/G365/G370

CAN IMU Firmware v.1.37 (46Kb 28.02.2023)

  • bugfix in handling of an external sensor (ADIS16460, STIM210, etc.)

CAN IMU Firmware v.1.35 (47Kb 4.04.2022)

  • Add support of an external sensor Murata SCHA63X - high-quality 6-DOF gyroscope and accelerometer (starting from SBGC32 firmware v.2.71b6)
  • Add support of "Serial link over CAN" (starting from SBGC32 firmware v.2.71b6)

CAN IMU Firmware v.1.32 (38Kb 20.07.2021)

  • Support external sensors ADIS16460, Vectornav VN100, VN200 (UART)*, STIM210 (UART), STIM300 (not tested)
  • Bugfix: was not working as 2nd frame IMU

* Vectornav ext. sensor support is implemented starting from 2.71b0 main firmware

CAN IMU Firmware v.1.27 (25Kb 15.03.2021) (compatible with main firmware 2.69b4+)

  • Bugfix: temperature calibration gives incorrect result

CAN IMU Firmware v.1.25 (37Kb 6.02.2020) (compatible with main firmware 2.69b4+)

  • Add a support of magnetometer sensor connected to I2C port: HMC5883(L), HMC5983, QMC5883L*
  • Add a support of external gyroscope sensors: ADXRS453 (needs h/w upgrade of CAN_IMU with the SPI port), KVH FOG (more info)*

CAN IMU Firmware v.1.21 (22Kb 5.07.2018)

  • Add  a support of ICM-20602 sensor
  • Minor bugfixes

CAN IMU Firmware v.1.1 (21Kb 26.11.2016)

  • Fixed the critical issue with the accidental spin of all motors at startup 1

/!\ We strictly advise to upgrade firmware to all owners of CAN IMU sensor loaded with the 1.0 version of firmware (all items ordered prior to 22.11.2016)!

1 If sensor is connected by the I2C interface, for 100% compatibility it is required to upgrade firmware in the main controller to version 2.61b9 and above.


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The first revision (prior to rev.C) has a problem: when it's connected by a long cable (about 1m or longer) there is a risk to burn out internal 3.3V voltage regulator when connector is plugged into powered board, or when the main power is turning ON/OFF. The reason is transient voltage on the +5V line. To fix this problem, a Zenner diode BZT52C5V6T should be installed (replacing a capacitor C8 or in parallel to it) as shown on pictures below.

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