BaseCam Electronics offers all the necessary products to create high-quality stabilization systems for photo and video cameras. The technology is based on the direct drive brushless motors, that provides a smooth operation of the system, or the immobility of the subject while shooting. You can find our controllers, brushless motors and other components to create your own unique gimbal for:

Stabilizers for Multicopters & other UAV

  • Up to 3-axis system
  • Lightweight and small size
  • Encoders support
  • MavLink compatible
  • Configuration profiles
  • WiFi connection*

Stabilizers for Multicopters & other UAV

BaseCam Electronics controllers are lightweight and small in size, which makes it easy to integrate them into any unmanned aerial vehicle from the usual drone to balloons and stabilize not only photo and video equipment but also directional radio communication antennas.

  • All our controllers are compatible with the MavLink protocol, which allows you to connect stabilizers to multicopters that supports this protocol to improve the accuracy of the gimbal's IMU and provide automation control directly from the mission of the flight controller
  • Recommended for use "Extended" or CAN MCU controller type. You can compare most significant controllers characteristics by following this link. In addition to low weight, these controllers have the following advantages for use in the UAV sector:
    • Support high precision external IMU
    • The use of CAN bus significantly increase EMI immunity in compare with I2C bus
    • More accurate and easy-to-use encoders are supported (with large hole diameters Zettlex IncOder, IC Haus IC MU)
  • Compact SimpleBGC 32-bit Tiny controller for lightweight cameras weighing up to 500 g
  • Possibility of deep integration of the gimbal controller circuit into the drone circuit, including “all on one board”. Support during the integration phase
  • Ability to implement tracking using the Serial API (requires an external controller)

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