BaseCam Electronics offers all the necessary products to create high-quality stabilization systems for photo and video cameras. The technology is based on the direct drive brushless motors, that provides a smooth operation of the system, or the immobility of the subject while shooting. You can find our controllers, brushless motors and other components to create your own unique gimbal for:

Stabilizing Systems for Semi-professional Cameras

  • Up to 3-axis system
  • 5 hours battery life
  • Encoders support
  • API Support
  • Configuration profiles
  • WiFi connection*

Stabilizing Systems for Semi-professional Cameras

Using controllers such as Regular or Extended, you can build a stabilazing system for semi- professional cameras:

  • One, two or three axis system
  • With or without encoders usage (using encoders has a number of undeniable advantages over a system without encoder usage), BaseCam Electronics controllers are compatible not only with encoders of our manufacture, but also support the following models from leading manufacturers: AMT203, AS5048A,B, MA3, AS5600, RLS Orbis, any encoder with an analog output. Also upon request, it is possible to add support for Zettlex IncOder
  • Operating time up to 5 hours if using encoders and 2 batteries 18350
  • Mobile applications to configure and control the gimbal for iOS and Android
  • The availability of automatic tuning algorithms based on minimizing the sensitivity function that allow you to adjust the optimal parameters of the gimbal's PID controller
  • Cloud storage of backup settings and calibrations
  • Quick change of configuration profiles
  • The ability to connect a WiFi module, that creates a transparent bridge between WiFi network and serial port. It supports the SimpleBGC32 mobile application (so far only iOS, Android support in the next release). Module is based on the ESP-12E and inherits all of its features
  • It is possible to customize controllers on a client request
  • Based on this technology, our team has developed the most universal solution designed to stabilize small photo and video equipment, such as action cameras and mobile phones — BaseCam Electronics Handy Gimbal Stabilizer

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